September 13, 2023

Better Sleep for Carter

“They’ll grow out of it”

This is what many parents are commonly told when they ask about their baby struggling with colic or reflux, then they’re told this again when they bring up sleeping troubles, and again when they ask about behavior in the classroom.

We don’t believe kids “grow out” of something but rather grow into something else.

Carter came to us when his mom listened to that “mom gut feeling” that maybe there was something more going on than just Carter’s inability to slow down to fall asleep, stay asleep, and his frequent night terrors. He was also struggling with hyperactivity during the day and his behavior in the classroom.

Like many kids we see, we traced Carter’s history back to his birth. Mom had a long labor that lead to induction and medical interventions…in short, a stressful birth for mom and Carter, and things that Carter may have expereinced that were normalized, such as trouble latching, were signs that Carter’s nervous system was on high alert. His Vagus nerve was telling his whole body to stay alert. His brain was in constant communication with his body to be ready to run from danger or to fight danger (real or perceived) – this is known as being stuck in “Flight or Fight”.

Chiropractic care can help releive the stress on the Vagus nerve, which is the main communicator between the brain and the body. Once that stress is eliminated, the body learns it can apply the “brake pedal” and finally slow down.

After beginning gentle neurologically-based chiropactic care, Carters mom was happy to share that Carter was sleeping much better. He was able to slow down and fall asleep better, experience less night terrors and nightmares. And when he was getting better sleep, his mood during the day greatly improved as well as his behavior in school.

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